Takusho-kaihatsu Quality

A One Stop Consistent Business Outline based on Takusho-kaihatsu Quality

We provide services from residential land development, township planning, plot sales, architectural design and construction to after care services.
We work on total township development for our customer’s future.
We aim to provide houses smoothly and speedily through our one-stop total support business model that begins with land development up until the property is handed over the customer.
We provide service using our SPECIALIST team which consists of “Residential Land Development Specialists”, “Professional Sales Promotors”, “Architect Designers” and “Management Experts” who answer the customers demand and appeal to the needs and feelings of the customer.

Craftsmanship Philosophy in Real Estate Industry

Civil engineering work is the initial work of Takusho-kaihatsu. The engineers play an active and important role in our company in the field of construction and with out township design staff. The engineers work on each stage: residential land planning, surveying, government approval, and the infrastructure construction stage. Therefore, we are able to provide services that minimize time and cost while still being able to provide high quality work.

Challenging Land Development with Accumulated Know-How

Takusho-kaihatsu has been developing land particular to types of land with holts and/or cliffs by utilizing civil and construction skills that have been established since the beginning of the company. Takusho-kaihatsu deals with the difficult issues that occur with land development such as holts, cliffs, hills, soft-ground and so on, by maximizing said accumulated know-how.

  • General Research of Land & Survey

    Takusho-kaihatsu has trusted techniques and skills for general research and surveying of the land supported by engineering background specialists. We conduct research and surveys with our final image in mind for the new township.

  • Land Purchasing

    Experts who have intimate knowledge of local land trading are involved in the purchasing of land. We are always working to discover how the land design can contribute to customer’s final living style.

  • Master Plan & Government Approval Works

    We discuss town concept details with a team of specialists, land designers, construction specialists and sales managers. This discussion is an important process for the realization of a good township.

  • Land Construction

    Experienced land construction specialists determine the land shape and the characteristics of the ground condition to do the right jobs.

  • Architect Design & Construction

    Construction schedules, such as procedure control, carpenter assignment, and site operation management are controlled by a wooden house designer and construction site supervisors.

  • Sales

    Sales specialist who understand the attractive points of our developed towns will cordially show you around. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to contact to us

Township After Maintenances Services

Takusho-kaihatsu provides township maintenance services by Goodies Estate and Management Inc. Goodies Estate and Management Inc. is one of Takusho-kaihatsu Group’s companies that provides services for the planning and management of properties and common areas. We believe that the value of a town can be maintained through scheduled maintenance services for properties and common areas.