Live in Forest “moriniaru”

This concept is “Live in Forest” township has designed with deep greenery.
Common space is for only private resident, enjoyable BBQ with friends and family, home garden, private parks.
Common space and greenery are maintained by Takusho Kaihatsu group to keep beautiful greenery.

Moriniaru tsuga  Good Design Award 2016

The word “Moriniaru” means to Live in a Forest. A well designed landscape with lush greenery.

  • Road type : Non-passage Road that is only for residents use. It is good for neighborhood community.

  • Developed the interlocking and curved road in the town, and this is the first case which approved by Chiba city officially.

  • Hybrid one-story house.Unique design of houses. Specially designed to fully utilize the advantages of a Bungalow style with hobby space.

  • Rich Green landscape design.
    Safety road design approved by chiba city for the first case. Interlocking and curved road.

  • Town Image:To maintain this beautiful green landscape, residential committee would be established.

  • House Design:Bungalow style.

Moriniaru ichikawa

The word “Moriniaru” means to Live in a Forest. A well designed landscape with lush greenery.

Good life inspired from Portland, Oregon USA, The Most Popular Residential area in the USA.

  • Good Life
    Quality of life is important for the people who live in Portland.Compare the feeling of time of bustling urban Tokyo and the feeling of a relaxing sense of time at Moriniaru Ichikawa.You may feel comfort when you move back there.

  • Slow Style Community
    People with unique concepts are gathered in Portland.
    Moriniaru Ichikawa is also a unique town in a crowded residential area.
    This town is available only for the families who sympathize real value such as rich greenery,open sky,big symbol tree etc.

  • Live with Nature
    A well-designed landscape with many rich green parks like there are in Portland. “Live with nature” life is designed in the residential area by using seasonal greenery and natural accent materials.

  • Point 1
    Common pathways are designed using stone stamped prints. It has an eye-stopping benefit for third party entry.

  • Point 2
    A light up symbol of an acorn tree at the entrance of town.

  • Point 3
    Saving privacy by locating the on living room on the upper floor.

  • Point 4
    A common pathway becomes a Communication space for 6 families.

  • Point 5
    A landscape design with lush greenery for a “Green Friends Town”.

Oosoramo Noda-Mizuki

Living with Green for All
Mizuki district in Noda City, Chiba Prefecture is a nature-rich environment with scenic views, lush rice fields, and the flowing Tone Canal. Here, the “Oosoramo Noda Mizuki” community was planned for residents of 194 households. Details in the positions and shapes of roads, green zone, and open spaces were carefully examined to establish the “framework of the town” prioritizing the life of its residents.

  • 1. Central Green
    A green belt is conveniently located in the center part of the town with a total length of 210 meters across the north and south. There, a meeting hall serves the center of the town and features a biotope pond located in front of the hall providing a habitat for aquatic life. The community considers the way of life for the entire town.

  • 2. Green Pathway
    How to Utilize Greenery around Towns and Street Trees.
    On both sides of the road, well planed greenery are planted which are named after “Mizuki” such as Dogwood and crepe myrtle. These trees have beautiful flowers when they bloom and are well know as easy to maintain.

  • 3. Keep Town Values TogetherA Good Asset Value for the next generation by Township maintenance.The maintenance of this site is done by the township management association and by all residents.To develop a good local community, opening regular events and cafes will be corroborated with external brands.

  • 4. Rules of the TownTo live comfortably in this town for a long time, general housing design rules are formed such as the height of the roof, wall color, base land scape design etc.Central greenery has the function of connecting the township plan with houses and landscape.Following the township guide, it may be possible to realize a high asset value town.

  • 5. Town SecurityA Cul-de-sac is a kind of one way rotary road or dead end. It improves town security even when unexpected intruders enter the town as they must pass the same road twice.

  • 6. Town SafetyA walk pass has been designed for residents’s safety. As well, colored interlocking is arranged at intersections to reduce the speed of cars and bicycles.

Plots for Sales

Takusho-Kaihatsu’s single-story housing projects are ready for 31 plots of 194 plots.